Actical L

Key Characteristics
Maximization of Calcium Provision and Economic Benefits by Organic Farming and Use of Small Amount
Growth Stimulation and Increasing Production of Crops
Creation of Close Somatic Cells and Quality Enhancement (sugar content/coloring/leaf thickness etc.)
Control and Prevention of Insects and Pests
Non Toxicity: No Side Effect to Crops by Removing Heavy Metals and Impurities that Can Exist in Semiplastic and Microscopic Shell
Strong Alkalinity : Controlling Proliferation of Harmful Germs Thanks to Strong Alkalinity (high pH)
Stimulating Physiological Activation When there is lack of sunshine and there are other hindrances including blight
Maximization of Absorbing Power: calcium that is ionized (Ca++) after being diluted in water is the best for crops to absorb and weakens coherence of water molecules, which makes it easier for water and nutrients to move
Improving Soil Environment by Reducing Acidification and Hardening of Soil
Guaranteeing Safety Since No Chemical Treatment Was Used and Containing Minerals Including Calcium

Crops the Powder Can be Used for Dilution Times
Fruit Apple, pear, peach, grape, fruit of Actinidia arguta, fig, tangerine, persimmon, citron etc. 250
Pollen Rice plant 500
Vegetable Pepper, cucumber, strawberry, tomato, watermelon, melon, pumpkin, paprika, eggplant, radish, carrot, burdock, Codonopsis lanceolata, balloonflower, Chinese cabbage, Korean leek, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, celery, asparagus, ginger, taro, garlic etc. 500
Special Crop/Medicinal Plant Ginseng, yam, Dioscorea japonica, milk vetch, Angelica gigas Nakai, yackon, tobacco etc. 500
Others Sweet potato, potato, flowering plants (lily) etc. 500